Digital Forensic and Investigation

Red Teaming is a full-scope; multi-layered effective simulation intended to gauge how well an organization’s people and systems, applications and physical security controls can withstand an assault from a genuine adversary.

This Is Purely Ethical Hacking

Challenge Yourself

  • Challenge your organizations IT infrastructure, analytic assumptions and finding faulty loops and logic.
  • Check system software’s, routers, networks and appliances through the eye of an adversary.
  • Challenge systems according to a hackers mind and try using different techniques.
  • The potential red teaming operation doesn’t end up with the discovery phase. You need to work with a red team consultant that offer remediation assistance and re-testing. After all, the real examination happens in the week or even months of effort it takes after our initial engagement to implement remediation controls.
  • Comprehensive red teaming covers pen testing, social engineering, and physical intrusion.

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